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Upholstery Cleaning | Newport, NC

You’ve probably noticed that spots and stains are inevitable on your upholstery. It could be from beverage spills, dirty fingers, wear marks, or a variety of other causes. In Newport, Bayside Chem-Dry provides a service where your upholstery can look years younger! We have expert technicians and a high spot removal success rate.  

The Finest Upholstery Cleaning in Newport

A Clean You Can Trust

The Chem-Dry solution clear of harsh chemicals, soaps, shampoos, and detergents making it safe for not only most types of fabric, but for you as well. Our highly trained technician will measure and evaluate all of your upholstery before work is performed to ensure your satisfaction and a successful cleaning. Communication with customers over spots, stains, or other areas of concern with customers prior to any work being performed makes us confident you will be satisfied when you reflect on your experience with Chem-Dry.

A Drier Clean

Bayside Chem-Dry uses a process that is powerful, yet gentle. This being done using a fraction of the water in comparison to what most steam cleaning companies use. Our process allows your upholstery to be dry and ready for use within hours rather than days! This is all possible thanks to our natural, hot carbonating solution which also eliminates any chance of mold or mildew growth due to minimal moisture amount.

A Safer Clean

There are many benefits through inviting our exceptional process at Chem-Dry into your home. One of the greatest benefits we offer is our quality, safe products that won’t leave behind any harmful or dangerous residues. This is especially good news because of how frequently upholstery comes in contact with skin. Bayside Chem-Dry will use a Green Certified, natural solution that is non-toxic and entirely safe. Not to mention it is hypoallergenic!

Notice a Difference

Call Bayside Chem-Dry at (252)393-7580 to get an upholstery cleaning estimate! A noticeable transformation in your furniture is just a call or click away!